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Carr’s Column – Conrad Black

August 27, 2010

Good to get a reply from my favourite press proprietor Conrad Black whose appeal won in the courts and is now out of prison. He expressed an interest in what had been happening in Australian politics. I invited him to address the Chester A. Arthur Society. This invitation provoked this response:

 “I recently reviewed a compilation of the historical writing of Theodore Roosevelt for The American Spectator, in which Chester A. Arthur, because of the Pendleton Act and the promotion of TR in the civil service, and an expansion to the navy, is rated by TR one of the very few competent presidents, behind Washington and Lincoln, of course, but along with the Adams and Taylor. TR detested all the Democrats except Cleveland.”


Ok, here are a few trivia questions on US politics:

  • Apart from Spiro Agnew, which vice president resigned his office?
  • Which vice president had a black wife?
  • Which vice president was half Native American, and spent his childhood on a Kaw reservation?
  • Who was the last Virginian president to succeed another Virginian? (easy!)
  • “I would rather be right than be president.” Who uttered this preposterous sentiment?

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