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Carr’s Column – On the 7:30 Report

August 27, 2010

A very happy feature of the federal election is Ed Husic winning in Chifley despite the Liberals throwing dirt about his Muslim religion. Husic was the Labor candidate in Greenway in 2004 and faced a nasty underground campaign that included a faked Labor brochure which had him declaring he was entering politics to fight for Muslim rights. That was in 2004. Then in the federal elections in 2007 the Liberal party was caught red handed distributing a similar leaflet in the letterboxes in Lindsey.

This time in Chifley, the Liberal party deliberately selected a candidate known for his religious bigotry. When this became known during the campaign they had no alternative but to disendorse him. Ed was elected despite this distraction. He told me that during the campaign voters said to him, “We don’t care what you believe in… we only care what you can do for us.” As a friend of Ed’s I was interviewed by the 7:30 Report yesterday and said words to the effect, “This is a triumph for easy going Australian tolerance and it sends a message to boys and girls of the Islamic faith that in this country there’s no prejudice that will stop them holding political office or doing anything else they want.”

This is a very happy story.

It’s an opportunity for the Liberal Party to say once and for all to its membership they should abandon absolutely the stirring up of anti Islamic sentiment.

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