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Bob Carr at the Planning Institute of Australia’s annual NSW conference

September 1, 2010

As a former Planning Minister (1984-88) I’ve praised the planning profession. I told 200 planners that on the North Coast I had seen the benefits of the controls and regulations we had fought for in the 80s – saving the vast upland rainforests, protection of wetlands and littoral rainforests, protection of headlands, big additional coastal national parks. Good planning is reflected again in Western Sydney Parkland, a stunning new urban park created in bits and pieces over the decades as a result of planning intervention.

Other planning successes are the 2004 BASIX policy which has reduced water and energy consumption in new housing by 40% and leads Australia. The state also leads Australia on the rate of urban consolidation with 70% of new accommodation being constructed in existing areas, not thrown up on the urban fringe. In Melbourne by contrast, over 50% of new accommodation is built in greenfield areas. The Design Guidelines for Residential Flats is another example of a successful outcome achieved by planning intervention in this state.

I told them to ignore the facile argument that we could have over-ambitious immigration “if we just had Planning.” The fact is we have a serious, robust metropolitan strategy and there is no magic wand to ease the pressures created by a sudden decision to double the migrant intake.

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  1. Steven permalink
    September 3, 2010 6:06 pm

    Bob, I attended the PIA Conference in Bathurst and your speech was certainly the highlight. It was insightful and certainly painted a picture of the substantial process this state has achieved in the past decade. As a Planner, there iis alot more work to do with balancing planning and infrastructure and the planning profession is the meat in the sandwich on these issues.

    Thank you for your contribution to this state, your legacy will be remembered.

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