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Carr’s Column – NSW, the premier state

September 2, 2010

The NSW government’s policies and outcomes are better than most people think.

Earlier this week I visited schools on the NSW North Coast (see below). Their teachers told me the NSW curriculum was the best in Australia.

This morning I addressed the NSW conference of the Planning Institute of Australia in Bathurst and said that under the Sydney Metropolitan Strategy 70% of new accommodation is now being built in established areas, compared with under 50% in all other Australian capitals including Melbourne.

In other words, our urban planning achieves more economic use of land and infrastructure and has people live closer to jobs and maximises the social and cultural advantages of city living.

In short, in school curricula and the quality of city planning, we lead Australia.

But the disappointing performance of ministers makes it impossible for the Premier to get attention for the successes of her government, or anyone to be taken seriously, or regarded as sane, if they defend the record.

Which is an injustice to excellent people in the government from the Premier down.

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  1. Rationalist permalink
    September 3, 2010 6:38 pm

    I am essentially a product of the Carr-Labor education system. I began my first year of primary schooling within the public education system in 1996, I remained within the public system until completing my HSC a few years ago.

    I have not undertaken strenuous research into the various state curricula however I have picked up a few things anecdotally from speaking to others within other state education systems. NSW curricula on the whole seem to be the most comprehensive across the board. This does not preclude the need for reform, but it does provide a comprehensive base from which reform can be undertaken.

    I am curious to find out about your opinion on the moves towards a national curriculum by the (then) Rudd Government? Will such a move improve the NSW education system in your opinion?

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