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Carr’s Column – The Sydney Olympics: 10 years on

September 16, 2010

Many comments can be made about the phenomenal success of the Sydney Olympics. But here’s one I enjoy repeating: they were paid for without a cent of debt.

The Sydney Olympics also showed Australians what their country was capable of.  It confirmed the new efficient competitive Australia that had emerged from the opening up of the Australian economy.

The opening ceremony proved to be so good I was able to describe it at the time as the greatest work of performance art ever produced in Australia.

And the Games were a great symbol of reconciliation thanks to Cathy Freeman’s pivotal role.

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  1. KerrieAnne Christian permalink
    September 16, 2010 8:16 pm

    So special that we could go to the Olympics in Australia in Sydney – possibly only once in a lifetime experience – so unforgettable

    I loved the joy – the participation of everyday Aussies volunteering to help out – the achievements – the party and that song “Absolutely Everybody … ” plus Midnight Oil’s Sorry PJ’s !

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