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October 11, 2010

Barry O’Farrells’ first election commitment is now on record: $300 million in tax cuts for licensed clubs.

The coalition goverment is clearly not going to be one of slashing economic reform.  Not required anyway, given the State’s AAA rating and record of very sound economic management.

The privatisations (coal mining, TAB, rail freight – in my time; lotteries – after me) have already occurred; with privatisation of power and waste services under way now.

Apart from privatisation of the management of ferries – a boutique affair – there does not appear to be much left.

O’Farrell will govern from the centre like Askin.  Without the graft.

Given his position in the polls the concession to clubs is entirely unnecessary and will cost the budget.  More lavish club foyers and subsidised alcohol to appease the egos of boards and managers; less money for a hospital re-build somewhere in the state on a clutch of rebuilt schools.  Remember a high school is $13 million a shot these days.

  1. Matt permalink
    October 11, 2010 10:36 am

    The O’Farrell opposition is being careful not to raise expectations too high, but is this what the voters will hear?

    We’ve seen with Obama and the first term of the Rudd Government, the difficult task of being seen to deliver and maintain good will after a vote for change. If O’Farrell isn’t able to demonstrate radical improvements in our transport system in a timely fashion his Government may start to bleed.

    A few things will stop O’Farrell governing from his natural inclination towards the centre. These are:

    1. Where Mike Baird postures himself. This may manifest itself in a push towards electricity privatisation, or more penal liquor regulation.

    2. The right of the liberal party will need it’s ‘red meat’ in terms of policy achievables. Failing this, we could see a great deal of instability. We’ve already seen a great deal of public disunity from the liberal right, if they feel they’re being marginalised in Government, don’t ignore their potential to rip it down from within.

    The internal situation inside the NSW Liberal branch also looks fairly fluid, who really knows where the battle between the Clarke and Hawke forces will be in a years time? This will all effect O’Farrell’s ability to govern from the centre.

  2. mollerhoj permalink
    October 11, 2010 4:21 pm

    Who will be the lucky recipient of your vote, Bob?

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