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Greens are a party – like any other.

October 27, 2010

Congratulations to Steven Scott from The Australian Financial Review for producing what I think is the first article about the internal politics of the Green party, a subject off limits to the Canberra press gallery up till now.

In the article October 27 Scott reports that Green party leader Bob Brown omitted information about a contest for the deputy leadership in the Green party room when he briefed the media at the time.

Finally, a comment out of him on his party’s own affairs.

Challenges to the deputy leadership of any other political party would be routinely reported.

Scott’s article even discusses tension between Brown, a long-term nature conservationist and newly elected Greens Senator, Lee Rhiannon, whose background is solid gold Stalinist.

The Green party is now being regarded as a party like any other and its internal affairs reported.  A break-through indeed.

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  1. Daniel permalink
    November 1, 2010 12:24 pm

    Bob I don’t think its the Greens fault they have been totally ignored by the Australian media over the last decade. Thats what the media wanted to do.

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