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Tim “Rosso” Ross – Mum had a Kingswood

October 27, 2010

Bob Carr with Tim Ross at launch of Ross' book Mum had a Kingswood

Last night former Premier Bob Carr attended the launch of comedian Tim Ross’ book, Mum had a Kingswood, which chronicles his misadventures as a boy in suburban Australia, through to his on-air misadventures as comedian and radio personality.  It’s an engaging read, full of 70’s nostalgia and anecdotes.   For example in one chapter Tim recounts the time he pulled a prank on talk-back king John Laws.  Tim encouraged Lawsie’s listeners to send “him a crabstick in the mail” after the veteran radio announcer complained about the price of crustaceans at Catalina restaurant. 

“…his office was bombarded with envelopes and post-packs containing crabsticks,” writes Tim.   “John and the folk at 2UE took the joke well until one over-zealous listener in Canberra couriered him a complete fisherman’s platter after it had been left out in the sun for a couple of days!”

Carr says there were times as Premier he contemplated sending objects anonymously to radio personalities.


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