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Dump National Curriculum

October 28, 2010

Any possibility that the challenging English Extension course will be lost under a national curriculum is reason in itself for NSW dumping that curriculum. (As reported today by Anna Patty in the Sydney Morning Herald).

I have communicated this view today to NSW Premier Kristina Keneally and Education Minister Verity Firth.

The course was introduced early in the life of the Carr government to reflect extension courses in maths and science where students could pursue studies at advanced, challenging and stimulating levels. As with History Extension which we also introduced, English Extension has been an outstanding success with more and more students wanting to study at this more demanding and interesting level. Which is what education should be aiming for.

It keeps students engaged by challenging them (this applies especially to the more academic students) not by dumbing down or condescending to them.

Teachers have already been complaining about the national curriculum. Ours is the best in the nation and should not be diluted.

If in doubt pull out.


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