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NSW ALP Renewal

November 1, 2010

At last Friday's celebration of the 100th anniversary of the first NSW Labor Goverment

Retire incumbents. Put new talent in safe seats. Look to the future.  Kristina Keneally, supported by ALP head office, is right.  The only strategy.

State Labor’s low poll figures are due to:

1)     An extraordinary cluster of ministerial conduct-driven controversies, some of them scandals, some beat-ups.

2)     The party machine blocking Morris Iemma’s electricity privatisation in an unseemly conference after which public support for the government collapsed.

3)     The government’s adaption of a Metro instead of simply adhering to the transport plan I presented to the ALP Conference in June 2005 just before my retirement.

4)     Abruptly terminating Morris Iemma’s leadership and replacing him with Nathan Rees before Rees – a potentially splendid future ALP leader – was experienced and confident enough for the job.

The irony is that on-time running is good; the hospital system beats the other states; curriculum and school performance leads the country; the Triple A rating is secure because of fiscal strategies over the past 16 years; law enforcement from a corruption-resistance police force has never been more effective.

All sound performance indicators.

Yet a three billion redevelopment opened in the Sydney CBD last week without a State Government spokesman anywhere near it or using it to talk up the state and the city.

Sorry, but that wouldn’t be allowed to happen in any other jurisdiction.


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