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Extortion in the book world

November 2, 2010

It’s a painful truth that Sydney’s trade in rare and second hand books is nowhere near large enough to satisfy our large (and growing) population of bibliophiles. So as a card-carrying book lover, nothing irritates me more than those dealers who puff up prices and think we are all dopes. Berkelouw is a particularly guilty culprit. My researcher, attempting to feed a book addiction on a public servant’s salary, found a copy of H.V. Evatt’s The King and His Dominion Governors for $16 in Elizabeth’s Bookstore in the city. The exact same book, the exact same edition, is listed for $650 in the Berkelouw catalogue. Yep, $650.

Unless Berkelouw’s copy comes with a pressed gold bookmark, I think a premium of $634 is glaring evidence of them taking advantage of a captive market.


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