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Combet on Labor’s Challenge

November 3, 2010

Greg Combet

Speaking last night Federal Minister Greg Combet made statements that amount to this key proposition: it’s better for Labor to risk defeat in the next federal election by standing firm on policy than to risk defeat by prevaricating on policy. 

This makes me even happier that he’s the minister for climate change.

The risk for Labor in going to the next election without a living breathing emission trading scheme in place is greater than any risks involved in selling a price on carbon.

Combet hinted at another truth out of the record of the last three years. Labor seemed to have diluted its message by spreading action over many fronts.  By contrast Combet implies the current government concentrate its fire.  Combet nominated the National Broadband Network, pricing carbon and increasing the super guarantee as relevant values in this term of government. 

Easier to sell three key messages than a diverse spread of achievements.


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