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A Meal-time Challenge to Australia’s Councils

November 5, 2010

Here’s another incentive to those fine local government representatives I addressed in Tamworth in October last year about their obligation to supervise the fast food outlets in their council areas.

There was a positive response with some taking up the challenge immediately.

Now the city council of San Francisco has banned restaurant toy giveaways unless the meals meet health standards for calories, sodium and fat. They have specifically taken on the so-called Happy Meal. This fits in with my campaign to require Australian fast-food outlets (or quick service restaurants as they style themselves) to be forced to print a calorie reading next to each item on their menu. This should be part of a broad initiative on the epidemic of obesity that is now raging in Australia and the United States.

The San Francisco council is also requiring that any meals must have fewer than 600 calories, 640 milligrams of sodium and less than 35 per cent of calories from fat.

Here’s a challenge: which will be the first Australian council to follow this overdue initiative.


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