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Go For it Julia

November 29, 2010

Weekend comments from the Prime Minister are aimed at dispelling the image the Labor government lacks an agenda. The commitment to action on climate in 2011 is welcome. It’s more dangerous for the government to prevaricate than to plunge in. The risks of inaction are greater than the risks of action. Even if the worst were to happen and Labor were to lose in three years because it fought for a price on carbon it would be a better defeat than losing because we stood for nothing. We’d hold our base in the first defeat, lose it in the second scenario. Still be a viable concern in the one but be a despised wreck if we lost by standing for nought.

Full steam ahead, Prime Minister, and damn the torpedoes !

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  1. nlcae permalink
    November 29, 2010 7:20 pm

    True. Remember, Howard managed to do things even when ALL state governments were Labor. Gillard can do much even when WA is Liberal, and VIC, NSW and QLD follow. At least there’s SA and TAS left, as well as ACT and NT.

    No sweat. She should however, be more careful of following the Greens.

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