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Wikileaks, China and Australia

December 6, 2010

Hard to believe the American note-taker got the tone right when it came to the Hillary Clinton discussion with Kevin Rudd and the then-Prime Minister’s alleged gung-ho comments about deploying force against an expansionist China.
Hard to believe because China is rising economically without any of the aggression that Britain, America or Germany/Prussia deployed in their respective rise to world power.That reflects Chinese history and a deep lack of interest in building foreign empire. Ming dynasty maritime expansion did not generate conquest or colonies.
What disruptive policies is China pursuing now in the Taiwan Straits ? The truth is that China is a status quo power . Unlike the US with it’s Wilsonian interventions to change regimes and remake the world.
Gareth Evans once said in respect of China’s military expansion, great powers do what great powers do.
It’s in Australia’s interest to talk up accommodation and co-operation between our US ally and our Chinese partner and I’m sure Kevin Rudd never departed from this reading of his country’s national interest.


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