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Out of the West Bank

December 7, 2010

Tel Aviv Tuesday. “I’m betting on Netanyahu unilaterally withdrawing from the West Bank and recognizing the new state,” says former government adviser and think tanker- strategist Gidi Grinstein . Interesting, of course, and at odds with the assessment of the security analyst quoted below.

Grinstein says 80 percent of the Israeli parliament is not debating IF but HOW when it comes to West Bank withdrawal . He agrees with the explanation below about the shrinking of Israeli Labour. As he puts it, “The Left said withdraw and we’ll have peace. We withdrew and we had terror.” That is, speaking of Gaza.

He is wedded to the reality of American decline – like the perceptive Tom Friedman who argued in his last colum that domestic habits are compromising America’s world role . Hooked on oil and thus weakened in dealings with the terrorism-funding Saudis ; unable to save and thus dependent on $900 billion in Chinese treasury securities. “America,” he says “is leaking power.”

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  1. Byron permalink
    December 7, 2010 2:42 pm

    Some people have suggested that when you control all transactions by land, sea and air to and from a specific region, that is not a withdrawal.

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