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Bob Brown and Coal

January 18, 2011

Leader of the Green Political Party, Senator Bob Brown, calls for coal companies to bear the burden of the floods given they are very likely caused by climate change driven by global warming. The coal industry, however, is into its second year of a wonderful bonus delivered by Bob Brown and his colleagues in the Senate: on December 2, 2009, they blocked Kevin Rudd’s legislation for an Emissions Trading Scheme which meant coal companies were sparred the costs of buying carbon permits. This relieved them of estimated extra costs of $14 billion in the first ten years of operation.

The Minerals Council couldn’t believe its luck – the purists (the Green Political Party) voted with the Deniers (the post-Turnbull Coalition) and, as a result, to this day, Australia places no price on the activities that are pumping carbon into the upper atmosphere where it traps the sun’s heat and bakes the planet.

Deft manoeuvring, Greens.

It makes the party an objective ally of the coal industry and points up the ill-thought out nature of Brown’s top-of-the head headline-chasing with those comments about their culpability.

  1. January 18, 2011 11:05 am

    Bob, this is typical clarity that you bring. I really hope that for the well intentioned Bob Brown, that his utterings were ill considered knee jerk commenst. It hasn’t done much for his credibility and adds fuel to the sceptics, who, as you have pointed out previously, should understand the links between wild weather events and climate change, as well as taking into account the impact of La Nina.
    Ken Boundy

  2. Thaddeus Du Fresne permalink
    January 18, 2011 5:59 pm

    And those who voted for Kevin Rudd in November 2007 should also rue their vote given the Howard led Liberals commitment to an ETS for the 2007 campaign.

    • Bob Carr permalink
      January 19, 2011 10:32 am

      Not sure what you mean. Labor made a policy commitment and submitted legislation to the parliament to set up an ETS, faithfully honoring its promise to the people. The legislation was blocked in the Senate. The Coalition should be on the defensive for voting against a policy that two previous leaders, Howard and Turnbull, had committed to. If you are making the point that Australia would now have an ETS if Howard had been returned you are right about that. It is what is known as a paradox.

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