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Charter of Rights Set-Back : Good

February 23, 2011

More judge-made law a fine thing for Australia? Endless litigation over the meaning of rights? The prospect of Australia being saddled with a charter of rghts is continuing to recede, with Tasmania today announcing such a document is now off the agenda because of budgetry restraints.

The government has other reform priorities, according to Attorney General and former Premier, David Bartlet.

This will be a shattering disappointment to the lobby for a charter. They lost out badly last year when the Rudd government rejected the Brennan committee report recommending one for Australia. After that, if Tasmania cannot be persuaded to have a little experiment in their island jurisdiction, then we are left with only Victoria – which stumbled into a charter without a great deal of consideration.

As nobody has made a case that Australia needs a charter, or that nations with them are more free (as opposed to more litigious) that is altogether a happy outcome.


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