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Keep Going, Julia

July 15, 2011

There ain’t anything else to it.

And it’s the right thing to do as well.

The Prime Minister must continue to show the nerves of a U-boat commander and just press forward, pushing what former Prime Minister Paul Keating generously acknowledges as an economic reform that ranks with the floating of the dollar.

Coal is going to continue to expand as the data quoted below confirms. Whyalla will not be closed down,as Premier Mike Rann confirmed earlier this week. And as the Prime Minister noted in her press club address, zinc and other operations will continue to prosper. There will be ribbon-cutting for renewable investment and an expansion of gas. Barring a by-election the next general election will be held after another two years of robust resources activity.

Moreover Abbott will now be pressed about:

  •  how he funds competitive tax cuts without a carbon tax
  •  how he funds his direct action plan.

Labor should expect polling to be lamentable for the foreseeable and the anti-Labor barrage from conservative media to continue. But the plan is out there now, with all its specifics. And a party united on this as the only way forward is positively willing the PM to stick to her guns.

As Margaret Thatcher was fond of saying, there is no alternative.

Or to return to the earlier analogy, show the nerves of a U-boat captain and ignore the torpedoes.

  1. July 15, 2011 1:32 pm

    Bob, I think Julia is showing the spirit of a U-boat commander in her determination to torpedo the Australian economy. What is your take on this piece by Henry Ergas?

  2. gordicans permalink
    July 15, 2011 1:54 pm

    Well said Bob. I think she’s been put under more pressure than any Prime Minister that I can remember.

    It appears to me that despite their denials, the Murdoch press is actively campaigning to destroy this government. I’m not sure how much of the vitriol from the public is a result of the sustained campaign by News Limited, but I suspect it is significant.

    Perhaps the problems News International is facing at the moment will provide the opportunity for Labor to fire some missiles of their own and tilt the balance of power more in the government’s favour. Senator Conroy has previously shown no fear of News Limited, so in the new environment it might get interesting if he were let off the leash.

  3. Peter Harley permalink
    July 15, 2011 5:37 pm

    I say she act like a U-boat commander and keep firing torpedoes. The good ship Abbott will not survive, and he has no reliable convoy supporting him.

  4. July 15, 2011 5:46 pm

    gordicans, which Murdock papers in Australia do you think are campaigning against the government as a matter of policy? The Australian has columnists like Paul Kelly who cannot be described as anti-ALP and others who are in favour of reducing CO2 production.

    • gordicans permalink
      July 15, 2011 7:39 pm

      Rafe, there are three papers in Sydney, the tabloid Daily Telegraph and the two broadsheets The Australian and The Sydney Morning Herald. The former two are Murdoch and the latter is the much weakened Fairfax Press. I’m not sure what’s in Melbourne, but I think it’s a similar setup.

      Sydney is ferociously hostile to Labor, as pointed out by Paul Keating last night in his interview on Lateline. He blamed the editors rather than Rupert, but I don’t think anyone believes that orders are are coming anywhere but from the top.

      Nearly every day the front page of the Daily Telegraph is dominated by a highly critical smear of some sort. Staple diet is the carbon tax. On the on-line version today nothing on the front page, but go to the opinion section and of the four main opinion pieces all critical of the Government, two Piers Ackerman pieces, another piece on press freedom where Gillard, Conroy and their favourite whipping boy Bob Brown cop a serve. [Usually Bob Brown is depicted as some sort of barking mad communist hell bent on destroying the country. If you listen to him being interviewed, he is as sane and sensible as anyone in Canberra, irrespective of whether you like his politics.]

      Under that are several other pieces mostly highly critical of the Govt except one written by Bill Shorten.

      I don’t see the Melbourne equivalent of the Telegraph.

      In the on-line version of The Australian they have a box in the top RH corner that revolves on the 6 main opinion pieces of the day. Today they have:
      1. “Mumble”; he usually writes about polls, and he is one of the few Murdoch writers who is pretty balanced
      2. Dennis Shanahan titled has a piece on solar power but doesn’t discuss the Federal government. Not typical, he’s in this been flailing the govt for months
      3. Henry Ergas “Fatal Flaw In the Case for Carbon Tax”. Obviously an article critical of the govt which is his standard fare.
      4. Oliver Marc Harwich “A bad time to damage our economy as the next stage of the GFC looms” in a piece saying things are bad overseas so now is not the time to put in a new tax. I assume he is referring to the carbon tax
      5. A piece from the Times in London and related to goings on there
      6. Chris Kenny writes a typical piece highly critical of the PM “PM Feels The Chill Of The Public…BATTERED and bruised from her encounter with mainstream Australians, Julia Gillard retreated to the solace of Canberra yesterday.
      The Prime Minister’s visit revealed how little Labor and the media insiders have learned about our political-media dynamic” etc etc

      No I don’t think Paul Kelly is balanced. Most of his articles are critical but with milder language. You’ll find no shortage of pieces critical of the government, but hard pressed to find anything complimentary (I don’t recall seeing) nor anything critical of the opposition. The riding instructions are very clear; Regime Change! Also of interest is the way the Murdoch press demonises the two Indendents and the Greens, which is no doubt part of the plan. I could be accused of biase or having a consipiracy complex, but the coverage in the Murdoch press speaks for itself. Apologies for this being so long!

    • July 15, 2011 7:55 pm

      wow I wonder is this Rafe is the one I knew at ANU??? I agree re Paul Kelly but the overwhelming voice is anti government anti carbon tax aka Piers Akerman and others, right wing think tank gurus etc. What we really need to see is the true split between factions with LNP, Malcolm vs Nick Minchin etc.

  5. gordicans permalink
    July 15, 2011 7:41 pm

    whoops, 2nd para should start with “The Daily Telegraph…” not “Sydney…”

  6. July 15, 2011 10:51 pm

    One can only wonder what planet Rafe lives on, certainly not planet Sydney. The campaign being waged against this government and the Rudd government before it by News Ltd is so blatant you’d have to be as thick as an Akerman blog commentator not to be able to see it. Partisan hackery of the highest order, the westpac slams carbon tax episode one small example of the lies and bullsh*t , none of which have ever been corrected when exposed. Such a joy to see the good ship Murdoch going down, no fate too bad….

  7. Lloyd permalink
    July 16, 2011 6:12 am

    One can only wonder what planet Rafe lives on, certainly not planet Sydney. The campaign being waged against this government and the Rudd government before it by News Ltd is so blatant you’d have to be as thick as an Akerman blog commentator not to be able to see it. Partisan hackery of the highest order, the westpac slams carbon tax episode one small example of the lies and bullsh*t , none of which have ever been corrected when exposed. Such a joy to see the good ship Murdoch going down, no fate too bad

  8. Sea Wolf permalink
    July 16, 2011 11:13 am

    Bob, I am a U-boat commander. I think I know a little about achieving the aim, risk management and safety.

    Julia Gillard is a politician. I wouldn’t be doing this.

  9. Sperm Whale permalink
    July 17, 2011 10:11 pm

    By U-Boat captain I read U-Boat commander, I suggest that Jullia Gillard is trying to show the nerves of a U-Boat commander, however her fate will be the same as the Majority of the U-Boat commanders, lets not forget that 75% of all U-Boat personnel died during WW2. The highest % of any of the German Military cores.

    Tony Abbot has the decoded the Enigma, perfected the Radar, Sonar and ASDIC to attack Labour. The only possible hope is for Labour to change the code and change the strategy, by changing leaders. Simon Cream will be able to stop the drfit of support from labour to the Greens, the Coalition and the independents. He needs to act before it is too late, replace the commander of the U-Boat or the U-Boat will be sunk by its own torpedo, has happened when the acoustic torpedoes were first introduced

  10. mr smith permalink
    July 18, 2011 5:06 pm

    I wish the Commonwealth Labor party had an effective way to repulse the neocon like scaremongering strategies personified initially by Howard and now by Abbott and his ilk. I hope the faceless men don’t get her too before she has a chance to prove the merits of the carbon tax.

  11. Bill permalink
    July 19, 2011 3:25 pm

    It’s “depth charges” Bob, not “torpedo’s”. But it’s the “faceless men” who are really Juliar’s biggest personal threat.

  12. Ralf Kluin permalink
    July 23, 2011 8:15 pm

    In my opinion, partly due to poor ALP communication management skills as well as unbalanced reporting, caused by certain media, many Australians are living with false illusions concerning climate change.

    On the one hand, we see slices of media reports, telling of a global scientific consensus, regarding man made Co2 pollution in our earth’s atmosphere. On the other hand, coming out of the mouths of (dishonest) scaremongers, we are flooded with media reports from some well known newspaper editors and radio station announcers, supported by crackpot industry finance deniers, telling all who choose to read, view and listen that the ALP is plainly “stupid” bordering on treason.

    Mr Abbott, with his questionable (scholarly) scientific and economic knowledge, seems to have copied the rhetoric displayed by a former 1990 United Kingdom Prime Minister using the words, “No! No! No!”

    In my opinion, there are parallels with the way the ALP handled the Tampa crisis and the climate change policy. In this context everything is connected to everything else and the ALP must expose Mr Abbott as the political mouthpiece for carbon polluters in Australia, because I suspect that he knows deep down that the scientific consensus cannot be denied.

    If the scientists consensus were false, opposing scientists, with their well documented researched evidence, creating a new scientific climate change consensus, published globally, would be recipients of the Nobel Prize with all the glory that they’d receive. The peoples of our world would carry on as usual, pumping man made gases, expressed in super profits. The ALP must use the power of verified scientific information (CSIRO etc) on climate change including the social economic reports, to defeat those people who wish to deliberately destroy our living planet.


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