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On ABC News Breakfast This Morning

October 14, 2011

The politics of refugees will always hurt Labor. There’s no way of reconciling the view of supporters in the suburbs and regions with the view of those in the inner city. Julia Gillard simply has to make the most out of the domestic processing that will follow Tony Abbott’s refusal to support her Malaysian Solution. And she’ll have to belt Abbott every time people smugglers send another boat to these shores – a boat full of people who think that domestic processing means they get to stay in Australia.

On the other hand we’ve got carbon pricing in place and Abbott will have an impossible task to dismantle it, something Labor needs to highlight at every opportunity. I saw six chairs of Australian companies at the Australian Financial Review – Mallesons panel lunch yesterday. Several of the companies have always supported carbon trading and they have been handed a set of rules that enables a regime to grow up in Australia. They don’t anticipate the horrendous consequences Abbott has been talking about. They just want certainty.

Clinching both policies requires Labor to sell its messages more successfully than it’s been doing. There’s no more profound way of putting it.

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  1. October 14, 2011 5:35 pm

    Hi Bob, just noting your suggestion to reinforce to the public that the carbon tax cannot be repealed with any ease. I’ve seen it described elsewhere that promoting that fact could potentially achieve the opposite in confirming that Labor is forcing an unwanted policy on people with no option of it ever being removed, which would show the government has being inflexible, dictatorial and out of touch (others’ words not mine). Do you think the damage that would cause the government would be outweighed by the damage it could cause to Abbott’s “blood oath” anti-carbon tax campaign?
    Otherwise, I fully agree with your assessment of the asylum seeker problem, and love your blogging. Keep up the great work

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