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What Did the Ombudsman Know and When Did He Know It?

October 14, 2011

Quis custodiet ipsos custodesits an obvious one but still apt. In an attempt to answer Juvenal’s question (“Who guards the guards?”) former NSW Treasurer and current Chancellor of Macquarie University Michael Egan has written the following letter to the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s office:

I would be grateful if you could inform me whether under your legislation there is power to investigate complaints made concerning the behaviour of the Ombudsman himself or herself. If so, are there any protocols or guidelines to ensure an independent and impartial investigation and to ensure that the outcome of the investigation is reported to the Parliament and the public. The reason I ask is that I am considering making a complaint over Mr Ashers’ dealings with Green senators, which I believe destroys any confidence I, and other citizens, are entitled to have in his independence and political impartiality.


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