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I Admire Romney’s Style

November 8, 2011

For aficionados of political evisceration, Mitt Romney is performing pretty deftly. I really appreciate the finesse – the scalpel-like precision – of his standard attack on President Obama. According to political correspondent Mark Halperin in this week’s TIME, it goes something like this:

The President is a nice man with a nice family. He didn’t cause the economic mess, but his actions have made things worse. He’s clearly in over his head.

Clearly he takes the high road. Clearly he understands the scalpel works better than the bludgeon. And two months from the Iowa caucuses he’s sounding like a candidate already looking beyond hard-core Republicans and appealing to disaffected independents.

  1. November 9, 2011 1:28 am

    I admire Ron Paul because he makes sense and actually believes what he says. I supported Obama over McCain last election because i believed he would end the wars, gitmo and overall was a better leader. Obama failed to do what he said on healthcare, foreign policy, immigration, economy etc. Unfortunately there now is no difference between Obama Democrat and Bush’s Republican foreign policy. In fact, the Bush administration never assinated US citizens without trials, which has now become standard practice if Obama deems they are a terrorist. Other than Paul, there are no fundamental difference between the GOP field (including Romney) and the failed foreign and economic policies of Obama. Simply put I believe Ron Paul would actually end the wars and restore the rule of law and human rights to how we treat others. He also quite likely is one of the only people who understands how serious the debt situation is. Romney is a smooth politician sure, but what about substance and conviction?

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