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Campaigning for Queensland Labor

November 11, 2011

Cameron Dick introducing me to his Brisbane supporters

Last night, I hit the Pig N Whistle Hotel in the center of Brisbane to campaign for Cameron Dick, Minister for Education and Industrial Relations in the government of Anna Bligh. I told them that, flying into town, I was struck that Brisbane looked such a sharp, competitive, modern city. Contemporary architecture becomes it: it had become a modern place. I told them I could think of no comparable U.S. city that was superior in quality of life, good modern architecture and general urban amenity. And I have seen a few.

I spoke about the transformation of Queensland under Labor governments. The state moved decisively away from its Bjelke-Petersen and Pauline Hanson-tainted past.

With a Somali immigrant family at the Brisbane fundraiser

Under National Party government, I said, it had been an educational slum. But new resources had seen it elevate pre-school education and lead the rest of Australia in school-based apprenticeships, among other indicators.

Cameron Dick was elected Member for Greenslopes in March 2009 and entered Cabinet immediately following the election. After serving as Attorney-General and Minister for Industrial Relations he became, in February 2011, the Minister for Education and Industrial Relations. He’s able to boast of a revolution in early childhood education with $321 million funding the establishment of 240 extra kindy services by 2014 and an $850 million State Schools of Tomorrow initiative, which began in 2008, to modernise schools.


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