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The Conference Overall

December 5, 2011

First, it can’t be bad for the Prime Minister that she spoke in debate and got her way. That’s what people want, and expect, their prime ministers and party leaders to do. Second, she was right to let the conference have its reins and for there to be real debate, not the over-orchestration of the last conference in 2009.

The party is building a file on Tony Abbott and his failure to come up with alternatives, and the ticking time-bomb of his recklessly irresponsible promises, especially his commitment to repeal a mining tax that the biggest mining companies in Australia are prepared to pay, and to repeal a carbon tax that is enacted and settling.

Yes, did you notice? A carbon tax is in place. It must be dawning that industry is not folding up and ghost towns not emerging. Yet Abbott is still appearing outside factories, claiming “Labor’s big bad new tax” (one that Howard wanted and Abbott supported) will close them down. These contradictions will gather pace in the year ahead.

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  1. December 6, 2011 11:12 am

    Nice summary: Looking at the overall picture and some of the issues that escaped the media headlines, particularly in relation to the carbon tax situation.

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