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Australia supports Fiji’s return to democracy

June 2, 2012

Australia has offered $2.65 million to help Fiji deliver on its commitment to hold free and fair elections and transition to democracy in 2014.

Australia’s assistance will support Fiji’s Elections Office, the recently established Constitutional Commission and civic awareness programs.

Australia has reiterated our willingness to support a credible electoral process.

Fiji has taken some steps towards holding elections in 2014, including starting the voter registration process, establishing a Constitutional Commission, and hosting a United Nations election needs assessment mission.

Australia supports these moves, which are important first steps towards democracy.

Fiji plans to begin voter registration in July and the Constitutional Commission is due to begin public consultations on a new constitution from mid-2012.

Australia has always maintained that it stands ready to support Fiji and will support credible steps towards a return to democracy. Australia will work with the Fiji Elections Office, local and international partners and the United Nations in delivering this package.

The package makes Australia the largest bilateral donor to Fiji’s electoral process.


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