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Statement on Melinda Taylor I

June 11, 2012

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator Bob Carr yesterday directly raised concerns regarding Australian lawyer Melinda Taylor with Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister, Muhamed Aziz.

Senator Carr said Mr Aziz confirmed in a telephone call that Ms Taylor is being held by Libyan authorities in Zintan and would be detained pending further inquiries.

“I raised Australia’s concern for Ms Taylor’s welfare and Mr Aziz assured me that she is safe and well.

“I emphasised our strong interest in seeing the matter resolved quickly and urged Mr Aziz to facilitate full consular access to Ms Taylor.

“Last night I also spoke to the President of the International Criminal Court, Judge Song to confirm that everything possible was being done on Ms Taylor’s behalf and for three other ICC colleague’s with her.

“An ICC team is in Libya to engage directly with authorities on the matter.

“We expect that direct contact be made with Ms Taylor by the ICC team as quickly as possible,” Senator Carr said.

Senator Carr also confirmed that he had spoken last night to Ms Taylor’s husband and had assured him that every effort would be made regarding consular support.

  1. June 12, 2012 5:52 pm

    I’m enjoying your blog, Bob. Also, I much like the deeply humanist world view you bring to the job. How, I wonder, are you going to deal with this? Here the right thing to do is forever constrained by politics. I would if you can find a path to progress?

  2. June 12, 2012 6:03 pm

    On another matter, I thought our PM was magnificent last night. I don’t know about you, Bob, but for me it’s time to stop talking about what the Govt. is forever giving people and for that same govt. to ask for something back.

    I bit of the Kennedy rallying cry “Ask not…” which was so inspiring at the time, what we need.

    My reading is that the large sections of the country are hungry to be asked to serve. With the new tax coming, rather than the endless Mantra of how painless it will be, how about a challenge? Citizens, help us make it work.

    The constant , “we’re protecting you this way and that way” plays to the Abbott script for he then says, ye\s, but it’s not enough, and you folks as the forever entitled, must nurse your grievance.

    Challenging the nation, on the other hand, leaves the Libs with nowhere to go.

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