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Contact with Melinda Taylor

June 13, 2012

Foreign Minister Bob Carr today welcomed news that Australia’s Ambassador to Libya, David Ritchie, had made contact with Melinda Taylor in Zintan late yesterday (June 12).

Senator Carr said the Ambassador met with Ms Taylor for 90 minutes as part of a group meeting including the International Criminal Court delegation and Ambassadors representing the three other ICC officials detained with her.

“Ambassador Ritchie told me he had spoken directly with Ms Taylor and let her know she had the full support of the Australian Government.

“The Ambassador examined the conditions of the prison and reported they were generally adequate.

“He said Ms Taylor appeared to be well and in reasonable spirits given the circumstances.

“Australia’s position is for Melinda Taylor to be released immediately.

“As a representative of the ICC, Ms Taylor and her colleagues were doing the important work of the court and are entitled to immunity.

“Our Ambassador today pressed the case for full consular access to Ms Taylor and for her to have access to her lawyer,” Senator Carr said.

Senator Carr also thanked Libya’s Deputy Foreign Minister Aziz, who had assisted our Ambassador and the delegation to travel to the area.

Senator Carr also contacted Ms Taylor’s husband last night to confirm that official contact had been made.


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