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Meeting with Ged Kearney and Melba Marginson

August 24, 2012

With Ged Kearney and Melba Marginson in Canberra on August 23, 2012

Yesterday, August 24, I met with Ged Kearney, President of the ACTU, and Melba Marginson, Executive Officer of the Victorian Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Coalition. We discussed gender equality.

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  1. August 24, 2012 10:44 am

    Bob wouldn’t it have been great to have had an Aboriginal woman in the picture as well?!

    I was at ACTU International Women’s Day celebrations in Melbourne last year – and never again.

    The only Aboriginal speaker was the woman who gave the welcome to country. No Aboriginal woman spoke as part of the main program.

    Now I don’t believe that there were/are no Aboriginal working women in Melbourne. And as far as I could see, there were no Aboriginal women in the women jam-packed into Bella Bar at Trades Hall. I guess if there are no Aboriginal speakers or references there would be little or nothing to attract Aboriginal female workers.

    Could you please use your best efforts to ensure that, as an Australian Government minister, you promote the inclusion of all Australian women across all sectors of Australian society?

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