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Maldives Commission of National Inquiry

September 5, 2012

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator Bob Carr yesterday (September 4) noted the release of the report of the Commission of National Inquiry (CNI), established by the Government of Maldives to inquire into the transfer of power on February 7, 2012.

Senator Carr said the report examined the circumstances and legal issues relating to the events of February 7 and encouraged support for democratic structures in Maldives.

The report will be discussed at next week’s meeting of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group, to be chaired by Senator Carr.

“Australia urges all party leaders to take part in discussions which pave the way to free and fair elections and strengthen Maldives’ democratic institutions,” Senator Carr said.

  1. Leela Ahmed permalink
    September 5, 2012 11:54 am

    I hope the Minister looks closely at the setup of small corrupt nations like the Maldives. A thorough examination of the CNI report, the evidence we have on social media of the recordings of the LIve event of 7th February 2012, the documentary that SBS dateline made after interviewing key coup plotters and the stand the CNI member who left the Commission is taking. The decision that CMAG takes on the Maldives will seal our future. I pray hope you will not take the verdict of asking over fifty thousand people to spent the rest of their lives with the very people whom they watched LIVE on tv, rob a nation of its bright future! Please save us!

  2. Maryam permalink
    September 5, 2012 7:05 pm

    I hope the CMAG would take a fair decision for the Maldivians, who witnessed the police mutiny along with the “23 Ithihaadh” who got united in the name of our religion Islam, to save us from the “Irreligious Mohamed Nasheed”..our former President. We the civilians are scared to raise our voices or even to comment here because we know that neither the government nor the police would protect us. They can’t find us a solution when they themselves are the problem. Please help us!

  3. Faizal Futtaki permalink
    September 5, 2012 7:55 pm

    i want an election as fast as possible. I don’t accept this government.

  4. Jadhullah Mohamed permalink
    September 5, 2012 7:58 pm

    While a common man can’t believe the decision of CNI, it is amazing how they came to a conclusion after all the evidence available to them. The state media was hijacked before the President’s resignation both MNDF & Police were fighting each other while police belongings were supplied to the then opposition members. All these incidences happened on live TV in front of us and need no further explanation to come to a conclusion. In a world where money talks anything can happen.

  5. Mohamed permalink
    September 5, 2012 8:01 pm

    I think that CMAG should consider all the possible areas to before considering the future of the island nation.. Feb 7 has broken a lot of people’s dream of taking their country to the next level..CNI report brought up way too diplomatic statement instead of really bringing out the real show that happened.

  6. September 5, 2012 8:02 pm

    Dear Sir, from few words, we are in terrible due to all the activity of coup regime, all powers are on their hand, judiciary and military with favor of them, other independence commission are supporting coup regime because they want secure their posts and other benefits…,

    We can’t lies our self, everything happens in front of us, video/audio recording and all evidence is there, we can’t ignore what we have seen and what we heard on Feb 6, 7 and 8. Facts from CoNI were mislead-ed,

    Sir, our economy totally collapse, development is stopped from the day beginning of coup (7 feb). No justice at all in the country, corruption and money is playing important roll to control our society…,

    Therefore we are very much argue from international community to help us and lobby for the election and restore Democracy with our development as soon as possible,

    Sir, please help us, please save us from this coup regime

  7. Mauroof Khaleel permalink
    September 5, 2012 8:13 pm

    Thank you for the support you are showing our country. I hope you look in to all relevant media coverage of the events that happened on the 7th and 8th february that have NOT being used in the CONI report, as well as other social media surrounding the events. We all witnessed the events with our own eyes yet the report seems to have a different outcome. I cannot see a peaceful outcome to this situation and a stop to the vile corruption in Maldives if justice isn’t served.
    Here is just one of hundreds of videos available, this video shows a MDP (Maldivian Democratic Party) member of parliament being brutally beaten in broad daylight:

  8. Aishath Jennifer permalink
    September 5, 2012 8:18 pm

    What happened on 7/2 was happening right in front of our eyes and it was Live on TV. It is evident that president Nasheed had no choice but to RESIGN, On Tuesday morning, some 300 to 400 opposition demonstrators, including renegade police officers, took to the streets in Male, to call for the resignation of Mr. Nasheed, who came to power in 2008 after the country’s first-ever democratic elections,The rebels used control of the state TV station to broadcast messages calling for a broader rebellion against Mr. Nasheed’s government.Please look into details and save our infant Democracy

  9. Mauroof Khaleel permalink
    September 5, 2012 8:18 pm

    Dear Minister here is the Amnesty International report released 4th Sep 2012, alerting on the rise of human rights Abuse in Maldives since the countries first democratically elected President Mohamed Nasheed was ousted from power on Feb 7th 2012.

  10. Ali Waheed permalink
    September 5, 2012 8:32 pm

    It appears CNI decided upon what evidence they could review; NOT all evidence supplied. I know the ministers will look into the questions raised by Ahmed Saeed(President Nasheed’s member in CNI) about the integrity and purpose of the Commission and I hope CMAG will consider commonwealth values, international standards, principles of Democracy not just the signature of Gayyoom’s ex-Defense Minister to decide credibility of the report.
    Please save our nation before its too late!

  11. Fasah permalink
    September 5, 2012 8:41 pm

    The euphoria following the end of a 30 year old government, the satisfaction of witnessing positive changes, and then the dismay of having it all unjustly snatched away. I refuse to despair, I have hope, and I look forward to President Nasheed leading the Maldives again. Nobody could possibly love the Maldives as a Maldivian could, but it is our hope that the international community and organisations value the country enough to help restore democracy.

  12. Aminath permalink
    September 5, 2012 8:42 pm

    I hope that Minister Carr will look into all the facts before a CMAG decision is made in the Maldives’ case. Perhaps this report from Amnesty International ( will make clear the need for looking beyond the CoNI Report and handling the Maldives case with care and sensitivity so we do not become simply another failed state.

  13. Adam permalink
    September 5, 2012 8:45 pm

    CNI report does not reflect on anything that went before our eyes, EXCEPT the resignation of country’s democratically elected President – HE Mohamed Nasheed. I urge the Ministers not make a decision solely based on this very one-sided report that lacks proper procedures and investigations. I for one, challenge with the International Observers for the remarks they made on Ahmed Saeed’s reservations on the CNI report. Therefore, i urge the Ministers to consider Saeed’s reservations before delivering the verdict; that will decide the democratic future of this Nation. And i sincerely believe that the Ministers will never decide this nations belongs to some tyrants who does not care bout basic Human Rights.

    Senator Bob Carr, Forbes magazine called you a “dragon slayer” for the landmark tort law reforms. I’m sure they never called you that for nothing. Save this nation from these bunch of Human Rights abusers. At least pave a way to an early elections.

  14. Mohamed Nashim permalink
    September 5, 2012 8:58 pm

    As a Maldivian citizen who always support democracy and peace within the nation hopes and prays that CMAG will look through the information provided by the witnesses and also all the videos and photos before deciding on an action regarding Maldives. Please CMAG, we the citizens of this nation need your help!

  15. Nash permalink
    September 5, 2012 9:03 pm

    CMAG will always be with us, the poor citizens of the Maldives. This is our belief and I hope that the needs of the citizens and what is the best for us will be in the minds of all the members of the CMAG when they bring out their verdict. Please CMAG, we need your assistance. Do not let violence and torture be the norm of the day in Maldives. We want a democracy; a proper democracy! Help us please!

  16. Ismail Shareef permalink
    September 5, 2012 10:46 pm

    I as a very concerned citizen of this nation, wish and hope, that the minister and CMAG will not only be just taking actions on the CNI report but, to the actual Facts.. We the citizens know that corruption knocks on every door of this nation.. The incidents of Feb 7th 2012 is almost 2 & half years in the making and executed to last detail.. We the Maldivians who saw it with our own eyes have a totally different view on the incidents.. It is like a forceful take over of a nations wealth by the ones that lost their corrupt clutches off of it few years back, but part of it was done rather smoothly!!!
    Also according to our constitution, if the president had to resign by any means, before the 3rd year of his office ended.. there had to be a general election!! even this is enough evidence that how well planned all this may have been!!!
    Lets hope that the coup leaders do not deafen and blind the whole world.

  17. HumayAG permalink
    September 5, 2012 11:45 pm

    Not knowing what your definition of an “investigation” is, I’m not sure what I ought to say. However, as a Maldivian citizen, I am confounded by the report of the Commission of National Inquiry (CoNI). I was naively hopeful that the technical support of the Commonwealth and the UN to the inquiry would be meaningful, substantial and honest to the people of the Maldives. However, I can see very well that it is absolutely not.
    Of course, I shall always remember the participation of 3 other Maldivians who contributed to the farce that the report is. Therefore, I can hardly blame the incompetence of the international representatives involved.
    As one among many Maldivians who are extremely concerned about the future stability, development and importantly, the fast deteriorating human rights situation in my country – and the wellbeing of its people, I would summarise my view of the CoNI report thus : It is nothing short of a feckless, infecund, epic farce.
    I will believe the CMAGs capacity to uphold the Commonwealth’s democratic ideals when I see it. I have no more confidence left to lose in the “international community”.

  18. Hamza Khaleel permalink
    September 6, 2012 12:57 am

    While the Commission completed the report in a short period of time, with intense information gathering, with educated members, it failed to utilise the evidence it received, and of the 65 pages or so 35% was on unimportant statistical facts of the 2008 election trying to show how little support President Nasheed as a single candidate had then. I see that the report reported on true facts but concluded on a totally different issue.The main argument or conclusion itself is that the police and independant institutions lack the training so they need to be strengthened. Isnt the report about finding out if it was a coup or not and find solutions for the issues or police brutality and how to calm the public? I SAY GO FOR A PUBLIC REFERENDUM ON WHETHER THEY WANT AN ELECTION OR NOT!!!

  19. Ahmed Faisal permalink
    September 6, 2012 1:21 am

    Vice president Waheed was well and truly in the planning of usurping of the democratically elected President.

    Opposition met with Elected President Mohamed Nasheed’s appointed Vice-President Waheed Hassan Manik at his official residence late night and Wa
    heed agreed to co-operate with the plan to forcefully unseat the President….

    “In the early morning of 30 January, following a late night meeting with then Vice President Waheed, anti-Nasheed protest, leaders of the opposition coalition –
    Iram (President of religious conservate Adhaalath Party);
    Umar Naseer (Vice President of former President Gayoom’s Progressive Party); and Ibrahim ‘Mavota’ Shareef (Vice President of Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party DRP); – held press conference:

    – They declare their allegiance to the then Vice President Waheed and “request the Vice President to take over the government”

    – They state that “President Nasheed is not the President of the Maldives anymore.”

    – They pledged to take anti-government protests into a “second phase”

    – They called on police and army to pledge allegiance to Waheed and “not to implement any order given by Mohmed Nasheed.”

    – 8 days later, police and army mutiny with opposition support, forcefully unseat President Nasheed and Vice President Waheed assumes office.” Please help us. We Maldivians highly needed your help at this crucial time.Now they are getting ready to prosecute President Nasheed over the arrest of controversial crooked judge Abdulla Mohamed. Dont seems he get fair Justice.please HELP us.Please maintain Maldives on CMAG agenda till the current governmnet reform the judiciary and punish those culprits who had done criminal offenses on 6 ,7 &8 feb.

  20. lieutenant Thlass permalink
    September 6, 2012 1:35 am

    I am a soldier who saw the brutality and inhumanity that unfolded into a mutiny. The army and the police remains politicized in the Maldives,. I thought those who broke the chain of command, arrested officers and threatened the life of Commander in chief (President Nasheed) would face justice. but all hope has now faded away. The international world has abandoned us. I have lost hope and faith. I mean it happened right in front of my eyes and i know it was a mutiny. But the commission has altered the facts and evidence.

  21. Shehezinee permalink
    September 6, 2012 4:10 am

    This is a ray of hope for us Maldivians who are, at the moment, feeling desolate and dejected with the CNI findings as it is difficult to forget the reality we saw with our own eyes. There is recorded footage to prove that it was a coup. I am not from or for any political party, however, I believe in justice and fairness to all. Sadly, at the moment, the feelings I have is that the whole world has deserted us and left us to a fate we do not wish or desire, a depressing future which we do not wish for our kids. I believe the only way forward is free and fair elections as soon as possible. And, I hope the Minister would take our feelings and hopes into account at the meeting.

  22. Sana Mohamed permalink
    September 6, 2012 5:26 am

    Maldives had there first free election in 2008 after being ruled by a dictator for 30 years. The people of this small nation tasted the sweetness of democracy for just 3 years. The incidence that happened on the 7 th February 2012 was aired live on TV. Isolated incidences of 7th Feb was later circulated on social media. CoNI report did not cover comprehensively what was seen by the people of Maldives.This created a bigger political turmoil in the Maldives than what was before. Relentless oppression has touched all the opponents of this incidence. Human rights abuses have increased so much – Amnesty International has this month published its 6th report about HR violations that had taken place in the country since 7th Feb 2012. I hope you will look into the depth of all these issues at the CMAG meeting.

  23. Aishath permalink
    September 6, 2012 5:28 am

    In maldives, most of the people they dont trust to CoNI report. We belive its a coup and most of the people want’s to go for an early f elecetion free n fair.

  24. Aishath Naseer permalink
    September 6, 2012 5:39 am

    I hope CMAG will look at all the evidences that the CoNI brushed off without investigating, look carefully and decide in a truthful way of what happened here on Feb 6 7 and 8th 2012 as a mass majority of the people here in Maldives are very desolate and crushed of the decision made by CoNI. We don’t believe they gave justice for us and hope that CMAG at least help us get back the democracy that we lost the day Dr Hassan Manik grabbed it by the help of some few mutinied police…..Save us please

  25. John permalink
    September 6, 2012 1:40 pm

    If what we had in Maldives was not a coup, there has been no coup anywhere in the world ever!

  26. Ishag permalink
    September 6, 2012 3:21 pm

    Please note the circumstances leading to the coup in the Maldives dates back years before 6,7 and 8th February 2012. Additionally, there has always been a change of government by coup for many generations. There is no counter coup mechanism established in this country as it is never recognized and the dictator is coming back with his supporters blindly following it.
    There is no respect for human rights. Most notably torture is the means of spreading fear and controlling society. Democracy is taken as a western only concept and discouraged by the dictator. Suppression of freedom of speech and hate preaching by spiritual means is taken ad hoc whenever it is convenient for them.
    Equal distribution of wealth in the society is not recognized by the dictator and his followers, and is one of the major reasons in bringing about the current coup.
    International countries like USA, etc is at haste to accept the dictator’s tricks to deceive the society, and it worries me and freedom fighters who want to bring democracy to this country.
    Lastly, I would like to ask you to take this opportunity to study cautiously the events leading to this coup and its’ results, and take this opportunity to take Maldives into the world of democracy.

  27. Ahmed Maldives permalink
    September 6, 2012 3:30 pm

    It’s a pity that in this modern day a coup-leader can con the international community and his own citizens and get away so easily. This unique coup happened in broad day light, live on TV channels. Reformists and freedom loving people of this nation felt so let down by the police, military and business tycoons of this small nation. The events that followed is more that enough to prove that this was a pre planned coup. Those at the operational and implementation level got ministerial jobs. The tycoons who financed got tax reliefs and their resorts leases extended to 50 years. If the transfer of power was legal , why did MDP cabinet ministers lose their portfolios and not forgetting the rest of political positions. The party that was elected for a 05 year term is now considered opposition party after 03 years and yet we call it constituanal. Today we have a puppet president operated by a remote control that is lying with the dictator of 30 years. Wake up Common Wealth and rest of international community. Don’t let us down.

  28. Ali saeed permalink
    September 6, 2012 4:35 pm

    The report claims its legal transfer of power, but disregards a lot of evidence which claims otherwise, for instance , eyewitness reports, documentations by eyewitnesses which shows that police throwing stones at their HQ, MNDF HQ, violence against government officials. There is also certians reservations claimed by Presidents Nasheeds nominee to the inquiry, which led him to resign before the report concluded, which included the fact that important CCTV footage from POLICE HQ has been tempered sith and also not even presented. There was obvious misleading judgements including the fact that national Television of Maldives, was taken over by MNDF and Police before the reisgnation. That civilians and POLICE personnel called for the reisgnation of the president and to hang him near the HQ. the report might be bound by legal jargon, buts obvious to the public when we saw with our own eyes police celebrating and singing on the streets of the capital rejoicing in victory, before. The actual reisgnation. There is also inconsistencies inthe way the resignation letter was presented to the speaker, and no consideration or question by him or effort to try to get in touch with the president before the oath of the vice president was taken.
    Please don’t take our democracy and legitimise this coup, and set such presedence for our future where police mutiny is a legitimise way to transfer power. We fought for our democracy for 30 years, dont let our efforts go to waste.
    Thank u

  29. September 6, 2012 8:02 pm

    Both local and international politicians, intellects and the ordinary man alike will make their own judgement regarding the transfer of power based on what was unfolded live on the 7th, 8th of Feb 2012 and beyond. When money and power become the force of play bribery and corruption veils reality!! This much controversial CNI report is only partially/selectively accepted by all political parties and the government and rejected by most people. CNI report is not what must define the future of the Maldives. It’s much obvious that democracy we Maldivians have briefly known for the past three years is uprooted and ‘UNJUST’ is with us to stay if autocracy is allowed to rule yet again!. I respectfully request Senator Bob Carr to lobby on our behalf for a free and fair election in the Maldives as soon as possible. We need CMAG and the international community to help us reinstate democracy!!

  30. Aminath permalink
    September 6, 2012 11:20 pm

    We don’t want to leave the Commonwealth either. (Please see we leave the Commonwealth a lot of ordinary folks would miss out on important opportunities to further their education. Please help us not to derail ourselves, but to move forward as a sovereign state in the globalised new world order of the 21st century.

  31. Nooshin Waheed permalink
    September 7, 2012 12:50 am

    I would like to respectfully request Sen. Hon. Robert Carr to look beyond the report prepared by the Commission of National Inquiry, as evidence available online can disprove the conclusions of the Commission. Some documentary evidence and reports can be found on the following links:

    I sincerely hope that the Senator agrees that the best way to ensure the peace, stability and the restoration of democracy in the Maldives would be through free, fair and immediate elections. The Maldivian people need your help.

  32. Muna permalink
    September 7, 2012 1:21 am

    Please help Maldives and prevent the people of this little nation despair of the little hope of democracy, rights and liberty we had when we managed to vote out the 30 years of long autocratic dictatorship.

    interview documentary made in February by Mark Davis (MD) the Australian journalist for dateline Australia…

    at 5:50 of this video Waheed denies it was a military takeover on 7th Feb, while MD points out that all the violence was being carried by the armed forces in fact though Waheed Hassan Manik tries to claim otherwise…

    11:30 Umar Naseer (Gayyoom Party PPM’s interim Deputy President) says they were educating the police and army through speeches and television programs and of incentives and bribes for army for defecting and not taking orders from President Nasheed.

    12:08 Police had seized Police head quarters causing severe damages to the building..

    13:20 Umar Naseer talks of the command centre he was giving out all the commands from…

    13:39 Civilians Nazim (Appointed on 8th Feb Defence Minister for his major role in the 7th Feb coup) and Riyaz (Appointed on 8th Feb, Commissioner of Police for his role in staging the coup) of taking command…13:44 Nazim and Riyaz both comes out through the barracks of Maldives National Defence Force..

    14:14 Umar Naseer admits both Nazim and Riyaz were acting on his authority

    14:21 Umar Naseer says Nazim called him from inside the MNDF headquarters around 7.00 to 7.30 in the morning….and he had asked not to agree to anything without his/their (the oppositions) authority..

    15:06 President Nasheed pleads with the army who were inside MNDF to protect his and families lives…

    18:42 MD talks of state sponsored teargas and batons on civilians but Dr Waheed says people are not convinced that of an election of deep political devisions…
    to which Mark D reminds Waheed, “whatever it’s faults you know that the best resolution of Political Devision is an Election…

    19:36 Umar Naseer talks of his desire of 10-15 years prison term for President Nasheed to keep him away from Maldivian Politics for a long time and says he’ll make sure of it…

    20:28 Waheed’s call for his cause on weekend gathering Waheed & Co had gathered including from outer islands “we’re prepared to sacrifice ourselves, God willed this change, you are my mujaahidheen”.

  33. Ahmed Muneer permalink
    September 7, 2012 5:45 am

    I am a believer of diplomacy, process and all that the Commonwealth and CoNI meant – However, CoNI has left me deeply unsettled and confused. I put much hope in the system and process and professionalism. In the absence of an independent judiciary, we, the young, old, men and women put so much faith to have a report that was unbiased and that seriously took the task of looking into the events that led to the fall of our first democratically elected Government. This is not about President Nasheed. This is about the manner in which the government was toppled by unconstitutional means. What we saw before our eyes on February 7 was none, but a coup orchestrated by the police and the military. The least that CoNI could have said was that it was a mutiny. There is a lot that could have been said – while the report discussed at length of how president Nasheed resigned at his own will, it did not discuss any Constitutional means — namely impeachment. I thought I would be the last person who would say this – But, here you go, your Excellency, you have so much power in your hands to build a constructive dialogue, and relationship with the people of the Maldives – What you decide in CMAG will leave majority of the young people (who are the future of this country – over 50% of this country are below the age of 35) utterly dissatisfied with diplomacy and international organizations. We cannot let this happen. All we are asking is for an election to legitimize our presidency. What is so wrong about an election?

  34. Ali Didi permalink
    September 7, 2012 4:45 pm

    Speaker of Maldives Parliament Abdulla Shahid has stressed that though the Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) had named the Parliament as one of the institutions that must take steps to ensure that February 7 does not repeat itself, any measures to be taken would be decided by the MPs themselves. Sir Sen. Hon. Robert Carr why can’t it be repeated if it’s constitutional? Why can’t the Maldivians, change the governments as the way they changed the first democratic government in Maldives.
    By reading the CONI report, I questioned myself whether they have gone through the testimonies, video footages. I heard CONI did not CCTV footage of Maldives National Defense Force and President Office on 7the Feb. The footage of Maldives Police services was given to CONi after cutting many parts.
    Sir please review the report carefully and help us to restore democracy and call for fair and free election as soon as possible to establish a government by the people. Please do not remove Maldives from CMAG agenda till they reform the Judiciary and punish those mutinying police and MNDF OFFICERs. The current government (alliance control the parliament, if they are since they can reform the judiciary and other independent institutions

  35. Haneef Ismail permalink
    September 7, 2012 5:11 pm

    On 6th Feb night police went to the campaign office of MDP (Haruge) and vandalized the place attacking the people inside and smashing furniture and equipments. On 6th February about 70 police officers refused to obey the commands and begin to protest in Republican square. President Nasheed ordered the arrest of the mutinying officers The police failed to arrest the mutinying officers as per presidents order. The president then asked the Male’ area commander General Ibrahim Didi of MNDF to arrest the mutinying officers. General Ibrahim Didi set out to take action but none of MNDF officers followed his orders. General Ibrahim Didi informed the president that nobody is obeying his orders and there is no way to arrest mutinying officer peacefully and he need permission to use firearms. President nashed came to MNDF headquarters at midnight and at this time he kept receiving phone calls from opposition threatening his life. On 7th Feb a Retired colonel nazim and retired police Commissioner (of Maumoon regime) Abdulla Riyaz came and met with high ranking officers of MNDF and gave an ultimatum to president nasheed to resigned (televised publicly) without any condition by 1.00 pm that day. By this time MNDF and Police started following orders of Retired Colonel Nazim and retired police Commissioner (of Dictator Maumoon regime) ignoring command of existing heads of MNDF and Police .
    The party of Former dictator Gayooms’ council member Umar Naseer publicly admitted that in a party rally saying he was at the command center that day and told the crowd that they told president Nasheed that his life is under threat if he did not resign.
    By morning of 7 Feb the security of official resident of president where his wife and family resides has been withdrawn by MNDF. At that time he still hasn’t resigned and is still president. If this is not legal duress than what is?
    Now the opposition is not happy with him resigning. They have charged him for arresting a controversial judge Abdulla Mohamed who is judge with a criminal offence who was reappointed in violation of article 285 of constitution and he is also someone the judicial service commission pronounced as violating code of conduct of a judge. The judicial service commission failed to remove him from the bench even after that pronouncement. The International community need to assess what happened in Maldives where the former dictator Maumoon used the military and police and handpicked judges by Gayoom to over throw first democratically elected government in the Maldives.

  36. Abdullah Zakariyya permalink
    September 8, 2012 1:05 am

    I have every confidence in Senator Bob Carr that he will critically evaluate the report published by Commission of National Inquiry. As an infant democracy we need the support of Senator Carr in getting back on track with democratic reform which the 30 year old dictator Gayoom hijacked from us by using religion as a tool. He was successful in playing to the fears of the local populous portraying he is the New Bin Laden that will save Islam! Alas, these people are far from the tolerant teachings of Islam. Rather their version of Islam is very dangerous for both Muslims and Non-Muslims alike.
    Dear Senator Carr, I would like to urge you not to allow these dictators like Gayoom who, in the 21st century (till 2007) did not allow an accused to have legal counsel and rights guaranteed in the Constitution of the Maldives. Anyone who was then taken before a judge and dared to respond to a charge filed against him/her was laid further charges such as impeding judges to carry out their legal duty and given a prison term no less than 10 years! All of these are returning back to Maldives.
    Sir, please help us Maldivians to get back to our hard-fought democracy.

  37. Aminath permalink
    September 8, 2012 1:34 am

    Please also consider this report in your deliberations.. Although this report has been commissioned by one of the parties involved, this report certainly appeals to rational thinking, unlike the original report produced by CoNI.

  38. Nooshin Waheed permalink
    September 8, 2012 1:37 am

    Below is the link for a legal review of the CoNI report, prepared for the MDP by the former Attorney General of Sri Lanka.

  39. Aisthath Naaringu permalink
    September 8, 2012 4:02 am

    Dear Minister! Please kindly look into the Maldivian situation seriously because Maldivians are loosing its hard fought democracy. On the 7th of Feb, the democratically elected president His excellency Mr Nasheed and his government was placed in a very AWKWARD situation by the oppositions (culprits). A situation that the international associations and community have difficulty to comprehend which is to find all the independent powers like parliament, prosecutor general, courts, human rights commission, police integrity commission etc., acting as one and hence all of these bodies lack of functioning as individuals. As a result Mr Nasheed has to step down and also the people of Maldives cannot get justice they deserve. So please consider this horrendous helpless situation and help Maldivians who love democracy to get justice!

  40. Ibrahim Nasih permalink
    September 8, 2012 3:56 pm

    I am one of the many Maldivians who are overwhelmed by the CoNI report, because the incidents occurred on the Feb 7th and 8th we saw it live and on the spot. And all the footages are available for anyone who has the righteous will to investigate them. If the international community ignores these contemptible acts, I don’t see any possibility of stopping a nation being robbed by a few, from the helpless public, of their humble peace, of their right to speak, of their right to vote.
    So I request from the Hon. Minister please save us from the devastation of going back to those horrendous 30 years period in which we have suffered already. Save us from getting into a dictatorship by finding us justice.

  41. Muna permalink
    September 9, 2012 5:13 am

    Letter by a youth yearning for the true establishment democracy in Maldives…

    “We were the first ‘Islam Republic’ with a duly democratically elected government. We do not accept that democracy and Islam can not go together – as still many extremists, also in the current government in Maldives, claim. We are convinced that only a real democracy, with its freedom, civilisation and also limits is the only way forward. We want an elected government, not a regime we did not vote for and which came into power by force and violence.”

  42. ALI permalink
    September 9, 2012 9:56 pm

    Following points need to be considered – CONI report.
    Lack Rationale:- The report covered almost all the stakeholders involved, although few important people missed, but report had enough evidence to prove it was a forced resignation rather than peaceful resignation of former president Mr. Nasheed. It was bias and selective on facts and evidences which would not be a coup d’e tat or forced resignation. CONI report is a preset conclusion of the incidences took place in 7 February 2012. Concrete evidences like, how present Defense Minister Mr. Nazim and police commissioner Mr. Abdula Riyaz, then normal people, who breached security and protocol of Ministry of Defense and President Office, and so suddenly some police and army personnel got alliance with them, are enough evidences to prove that it was not a peaceful transition of government. Further- more Mr. Nazim ordered Mr. Nasheed to resign unconditionally otherwise to pay the consequences, threat made to Mr. Nasheed family, the mutiny over MNBC headquarters by army men call for questions. Yes, there are more evidence than this in the report but grossly over-looked. Most Maldivians saw, heard, watched in live broadcast basically contradict the conclusion of the CONI report . In other-words the report has cut too many corners or compromised towards a forced resignation.
    Call for resignation of former President Mr. Nasheed by the coup leaders ( most political opposition leaders) was due to arrest of Mr. Abdulla Gazee ( chief Judge of criminal court ) by Nasheed administration. But why this action of removal chief judge by former administration well known to most Maldivian, whose records were too poor to sit in the bench.

    Tactically:- CONI conclusion is more tactical or short term solution of a long term political, social and disciplinary solution. Mr. Nasheed removal from office is copy-cat method of Mr. Gorbachev removal of power in Russia but Asian island style. West did not bother about how Mr. Gorbachev removed from power, who was beacon of hope for democracy and now Mr. Putin playing the game of dictatorship in the name of democracy. Similarly if we allow to legitimize Mr. Waheed administration same would spread to other nation been Maldives coup as a reference point or benchmark. Sadly great democracy like India and USA got carried away without realizing the long term consequences. It should be understood that it’s only a truly sacred obligation of bigger nations and further more organizations like UN, EU and Commonwealth should and need to be to protect and to up- hold democratic rights.
    Locally the CONI team has solved the issues of wealthy land owners and former close associate of dictator who participated and funded the coup. Now present administration have extended the leased period of resort island without any payment for land rent, and the tax exempt to be paid early this year. All corruption cases in the court were removed regarding former dictatorship , Mr. Waheed ambition of becoming the leader of Maldives is achieved .
    Now most common Maldivian believes we will not have a free and fair election in future. In other words rules will be set by the minority and will be played by them and not on level ground. This will create again a culture of dependency as practiced by former regime and few rich business men.
    Present Attorney general, Defense Minister and Home Minister in a hastily arranged news conference just before afternoon prayers, call on to youth should not follow Mr. Nasheed as he has lied and misled them locally and internationally and has brought misery to economy and the people of Maldives. Hardly anybody followed this call against Mr. Nasheed, no any Maldivian wants to celebrate conclusion of CONI report. Mr. Waheed administration says now they will not conduct election this year and will not take any actions against the army personnel who associate with present Defense Minister in over throwing Mr. Nasheed administration.

    Strategically:- The CONI report failed to achieve the long term goals for democracy. The few families ( about 7 ) who own the major businesses in Maldives gain the upper hand and will control the politics and economical aspect of the nation.
    The young entrepreneur will not have any future in the Maldives and there is chance to go for drugs or considered to be as dissident and may have to spending outside the country or in jail. Nations like India and USA only will talk about it and will not do much to improve democracy because they know such a regime will give them less trouble and will follow their orders covertly.
    Mr. Nasheed is a leader of his own thinking and has out- perform most of the nation nearby in economy and social services like introduction of safety net to vulnerable as in Europe within three years in power. So, leaders in nation like India been questioned by their public why can’t India do the same. Mr. Nasheed gave hope for the middle class and vulnerable communities and open investment for foreign countries. In other words the report directs he become the failure of his own achievements. To remove Mr. Nasheed from power by popular ballot in the coming election will be next to impossible. This is understood by his opponent. Most Maldivian are dissolute and dismayed by the conclusion of CONI report because what they saw was entirely different from what report concluded.
    Politically Mr. Nasheed now has gain more popularity due to sympathy, and his opponents knew this and has dampened their celebration of what they think CONI report is an achievement for them. Parties like DRP the second most popular party is trying to form a coalition with MDP is a clear indication why this is so, how unpopular the coup plotters are.

    Conclusion:- CNI report further divided the nation, and laid out a new set of rules by sacrificing moral values of democracy that it uphold. CONI report direct, political change of a nation without fair election is still legal and acceptable for the community of nations. It needs money and a group of corrupt and retired army generals to change a nation’s political institution that was elected by popular vote. This set a bad example for Maldivian and other neighbouring nations in particular, and also the chance of a 100% Muslim country to be a pour democratic state will be gone to ashes. Reports are done for formality to safe guard the interest of few, not base on facts and evidences for the large innocent majority.

  43. Muna permalink
    September 11, 2012 5:29 am

    Article by President Nasheed on regard the coup and CNI report.

    “On the one hand, Maldivians should not have been surprised by the CoNI’s conclusions. The Committee was created by Waheed, the chief beneficiary of the coup, who stacked it with his own allies, and placed the defence minister of former dictator Gayoom at its helm. However, the eleventh hour inclusion of a retired Singaporean judge [again nominated by the alleged themselves], appointed with the blessing of the Commonwealth, plus one single nominee, appointed by me, was supposed to provide a modicum of balance to the final report. Sadly, it did not.

    My nominee, Ahmed Saeed, resigned from the Committee before its report was released, citing that crucial evidence, such as video footage of the police rampaging through Male, was not included in the Committee’s report. He further noted that the testimony of key witnesses was not included, and that central figures involved in the coup, such as opposition figure Umar Naseer who publicly admitted the existence of a coup “command center” from which events were directed, were not even interviewed.”

  44. Aminath permalink
    September 12, 2012 2:08 am

    Thank you for not throwing us in at the deep end. I hope your deliberations in NY would be even more encouraging for the future of democracy and human rights in the Maldives.

  45. Aminath permalink
    September 13, 2012 2:47 pm

    Although what Sir Don McKinnon has said about the CoNI Report providing Maldives a way to leave the past and to move forward may sound true, this would not be possible if ALL political parties and institutions concerned do not act in this manner. Even in the past, the problem had been that some institutions and individuals were allowed to act with impunity, without due regard for the rule of law or the constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, let alone international humanitarian laws. So this time when CMAG does debate the issue of whether to keep the Maldives on its agenda or not, how can the Commonwealth ensure that due process is respected and followed by all concerned? The independent institutions mandated with this task locally are unfortunately unable to deliver or function INDEPENDENTLY. Before CMAG decides to let things in the Maldives run ‘business as usual’, I appeal to Your Excellency to please ensure that necessary steps are taken to guarantee that there is no repetition of what happened in the past? Please ensure that the Maldives case becomes an example for all the 54 member states!

  46. Aminath latheefa permalink
    September 15, 2012 11:15 pm

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for the support you giving towards stabilising and strengthening the democratic process of our country. It is of utmost importance that the international community assists and support our country at this juncture.
    Regarding the CNI report, as the others have reiterated, a report will be credible, convincing and believable if it makes sense. It would be realistic if the investigating committee had reviewed and considered what has unfolded in front of our eyes, broadcasted live on TV channels. The report would be persuasive if it was comprehensive and if it has taken into consideration all the evidences that was put forward. Many of us feel that the report instead of reconciliating the people has deeply divided the community worsening the situation. The questions raised by Ahmed Saeed, President Nasheed’s member in CNI need to be reviewed and investigated for the report to be credible. Simply put, for many of us it is impossible to blindly believe what has been stated in the CNI report at present.
    Sir, this is a crucial moment where international assistance is urgently required that would pave way to move forward in credible manner. First and foremost there is an urgent need to legitimise the presidency and make the institutions functional. Many of us feel and believe that an immediate free and fair election is the only way that we can move forward. This is about a future of a country where each and every one has a stake and a role to play. Without unbiased and fully functional institutions, the international community support has become more important.
    Dear Minister, please take this as an appeal to the international community. We are insisting to assist and support us towards moving forward in a free and fair manner before it is too late.

  47. nahyk permalink
    September 16, 2012 8:57 am

    the CNI report was a slap across the face on all the Maldivians who have strive to bring democracy, reform and a fair judiciary, for those who were jailed brutally tortured and the ones who died fighting for freedom their sacrifices gone to waste by the CNI report . we were oppressed and robbed of every right a human should have during the era of Maumoon Abdul Qayyoom its back with a new facade if you look at the composition of the cabinet you will clearly see what i really meant here.
    CNI failed to do a fair investigation of what we witnessed on 7th of feb 2012. that report is so biased that it never mention the key players of the coup what we saw on live TV is not there.
    if the CMAG concludes that the change of power is by all means legitimate then a coup will never take place here after in anywhere across the world . the word itself should be removed from the dictionary.
    with president nasheed the maldivians first time took a breath of freedom its just gone after 3 years along with many dreams shredded to pieces
    please help us to restore democracy and to have life of dignity and freedom
    please help us to make this country livable
    please help us to enjoy freedom as they do in western countries
    please help us to establish a justice system thats fair to everyone
    please help us to get away from the brutality and the torture of the police force
    please help us if you really are advocating for democracy

  48. Hidhaya Efram permalink
    September 16, 2012 6:58 pm

    Dear Sir,
    After the events if February 6th, 7th and 8th the only promise of hope was a fair and just investigation into what went down on the streets of Male’ and that was by means of the CONI report which turned out be an utter disappointment with the credibility of the report being deemed questionable since. How could the common man’s blood being shed on the land that he was born and brought up and grown to love, be not looked into? Is it fair to let the the mere people who are supposed to protect and serve the country and it’s common man run the country with sheer brutality, beat the common man while his young daughter watches the scene? These are the questions that a fair majority of the country keeps asking. How is it that a what was thought to be a highly credible commission be brought into existence and these important factors be neglected?
    I may just be youth among other very important ppl in my society by I know for a fact that I question the lives of my unborn children in the circumstances that my country is right now; run by the police whose unjust actions are not even questioned. We have just recovered from 30 years of sheer dictatorship where corruption was rampant and now we are again at square one.

    Up until this day since the CONI report’s summary was read out by the current president of the country, myself along with a lot of people that I personally know have lost hope. I am very grateful for you sir for chairing this and being a major factor of support for the democratic process of our beloved Nation. I hope and pray, dear sir, that you consider our plight and the factors that we are pleeing to be highlighted for the international community to consider.
    Thank you in advance.
    God bless.

  49. Shafia Aminath permalink
    September 16, 2012 7:57 pm

    Dear Mr Carr, I would also like to join the Maldivian people appealing the international community, especially the Commonwealth to be cautious while deliberating on the CMAG report. The fact is Maldives was on its way , flourishing into democracy with it’s ordinary people enjoying the freedom, justice and equality during the few years of President Nasheed’s leadership. However, the wealthy, power hungry and religious fundermentalist minority group could not accept the ordinary people enjoying these basic human rights. Hence they were cruel and cowardish to overthrow the Government through a coup, while we all know that there are legitimate ways of changing governments. Once again we the ordinary people are suffering and desperately crying for assistwnce. We thank the efforts of international community to solve the chaos in the country after the coup, but we are shocked and saddened by the outcomes. It is incredibly hard to accept that the report of CoNI did not meet it’s mandates. The report was biased and incomplete due to the negligence of committee members. I am confident that you already have a clear understanding of this issue from the above comments, social media and several other blogs and reports published after the release of CoNI report. As a highly professional and intellectual leader of the commonwealth , we trust you and are confident that you will understand the cry of ordinary Maldivian people and show us a way forward which is fair and guarantee our basic human rights. Help us live an ordinary life and free our friends, sisters, mothers, fathers, brothers and relatives who are been treated cruelly in the prisons just for voicing thier views. Thank you so much

  50. Saif Hassan permalink
    September 16, 2012 8:32 pm

    Thank you to all Australia and all the ministers of CMAG for not accepting the CoNI report at the teleconference as is and for deciding to discuss and deliberate in NY. In your deliberations I hope Australia would

    1. Question the Commonwealth Secretariat why the Commonwealth appointed judge was away from the Maldives for 31 days when the newly reconstituted Commission sat for just over 2 months?

    2. Question why Umar Naseer, the man who publicly stated that he warned President Nasheed that his life was in danger, as well as admitted to Australian SBS channel that he ‘was at his command centre’ liaising with the police and the military the night that they rebelled; was NEVER questioned by the reconstituted CoNI?

    I hope that the Australia would raise these questions on behalf of the Maldivian people who are puzzled by the outcome of the CoNI report, especially after the report itself states that the police had clashed with the military and police themselves had ‘called for the resignation of President Nasheed’; the outcomes states nothing unlawful had happened in the Maldives.

  51. September 18, 2012 2:46 am

    PLEASE DO NOT LET US DOWN by endorsing what is basically a whitewash, at best a report that is less than professional. It sounds dramatic because it is. If you endorse this, you will contribute to a setback on our painful struggle towards democracy and set a poor example to other fledgling democracies. Our struggle has not been all that obvious in the past. The Maldives has its unique island mentality: we are insularity personified.We have our own culture, customs and community as well as our communication, uniquely ours, and therefore ours to hide behind. Very few non-Maldivians have been able to go beyond this veil, the nuances that shape our thinking. When we embraced democracy, it was our way of opening up. By letting the world step in, we trusted that the world would in turn look out for us. It took some courage to stop hiding and venture outside our usual mode of self- preservation. It took even more sacrifice alongside sheer desperation, to face the fear built up over 30 years and more of political repression.

    Given that old habits die hard, resistance from within was to be expected from the start. In that sense some form of backlash was inevitable. But we had embraced freedom from fear for over 3 years and we finally had the confidence that we Maldivians had something to contribute to the world: not just our beautiful waters and beaches, but our feisty, talented, intelligent, noble men and women, our trading skills and so much more which we were eager to find out about.We were proud to hold our heads high regarding our relatively non-violent transition to democracy,unheard of in our part of the world, let alone elsewhere.

    Therefore we trusted, perhaps foolishly, but not unreasonably so, that in this global, connected age, a coup on this level of cynicism would be swiftly condemned, as an insult to the rule of law and to our humanity. And yet, perhaps owing to our insularity and scale, we find our democracy hijacked by the same self-interested cabal who now have a couple of new vehicles to hide behind, including the very constitution that was meant to protect us, along with their wholly inadequate report to fob the international community off with.

    The cabal in charge have capitalized on our insularity to the full by their Jekyll and Hyde tactics at home and abroad. They are counting on CMAG to let go and legitimize what is evidently illegitimate, so that they can browbeat the good people of the Maldives back into the dark ages of political submission, cloaked by superstition parading as religion at home, while pulling the wool over the eyes of the world outside us. It is painfully clear to all those who love our country that this regime is waiting for what they see as the green light to clamp down fully in the name of stability, a word much loved by big business. Do not grant them that, because it will come back to haunt not only them but all of us.

    Beyond the seeming drama of the above words, there is a truth that will sustain those who believe in our country and all that it promises. The truth is that in the context of our long and largely illustrious history, this will just be a dark chapter in the now inexorable path towards democracy. May this chapter be mercifully short. You can help ensure that it is. Thank you so much.

  52. Aminath permalink
    September 19, 2012 1:28 pm

    This article expresses very clearly what many of us Maldivians feel. Please consider our pleas before CMAG decides to whitewash what happened in the Maldives as insignificant. Please let the Commonwealth become a proactive defender of human rights under Australia’s leadership. Please don’t let this be a repetition of what happened at Perth. Please also re-consider what Sir Rifkind had to say:

  53. Michael Shelford permalink
    September 19, 2012 9:16 pm

    Hey Bob, I’m asking as a fellow Australian that you do everything in your power to assist the Maldives in maintaining their previous popularly elected democracy.The report submitted is obviously corrupt and though the easiest solution is to just accept it and move on, I expect more from you. I have a lot of respect for your moral drive in politics and regard you as an intelligent man. I also have no doubt that you would have felt some great doubt as to the impartiality of the report submitted. I implore you as our Commonwealth representative to take the time to have a second look and demand an acceptable democratic solution to the Maldives current situation. Thanks for your time

  54. Mariyam Rif'a permalink
    September 20, 2012 5:32 pm

    Maldives is under a lot of stress and unrest. Some of us have learned to block it out but still are not able to ignore the coup that I believe is still going on. There are videos leaked, them admitting to the coup and yet the report came out false. Please look into this VERY carefully and help us come to a justified conclusion.
    Thank you

  55. Benedict Rogers permalink
    September 22, 2012 9:35 am

    CMAG must keep the Maldives on its agenda. The CONI report was a total whitewash, and an analysis by legal experts has already said so. It is vital that CMAG, and the whole Commonwealth, keep the situation on the agenda and press for fresh elections, free, fair and all-inclusive, at the earliest opportunity.

  56. Hussein permalink
    September 24, 2012 9:14 pm

    As a concerned citizen of Maldives I also join to decry the conclusions made by the report prepared by the Commission of National Inquiry (CoNI). The press statement by then the representative from President Nasheed confirming that almost 50% of the load of statements by various people who witnessed the coupe event, video footage(live and amateur) and CCTV footage alone is a reason not to, anyone with rational mind to see that the report is inconclusive!

    It is a shame and diminish the credibility of the commonwealth Secretariat and CMAG to make any conclusion based on such an inconclusive report and rob justice and democratic value we the Maldivians are striving to achieve how small and insignificant we are as a community or a nation. I therefore urge you to look into this matter with an open mind and make your deliberation in good spirit that is fair and just to all who are victimized by this coupe lead by the professional who justify their actions by saying that they were ’emotionally charged’.

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