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Jailing of Alexey Navalny

July 22, 2013

The Australian Government has expressed serious concerns at the conviction and sentencing of Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny.

The conviction raises concerns regarding the selective application of the law. It is troubling that Mr Navalny was sentenced on the basis of apparently questionable evidence.

The Australian Government calls on the Russian Government to ensure the highest standards of impartiality and transparency are applied in any appeals process in this case, and in the cases of the Bolotnaya Square protestors who are still awaiting trial.

The Australian Embassy in Moscow has been requested to immediately communicate these concerns to the Russian administration.

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  1. Gary Scarrabelotti permalink
    July 23, 2013 3:11 pm

    Dear Bob,

    I note that Navalny has been released on bail to appeal his sentence: it may be that the government of Vladimir Vladimirovich is engaged in judicial harassment rather than a determined policy of packing the man off to Siberia. After all, he is not Khordorkovsky. It is one thing to dabble in politics; it is another to dabble in politics and to be able to spend one’s personal millions on the project. Still, Vladimir Vladimirovich is an unsentimental, unforgiving political leader and I would hate to get in his way.

    Which brings to mind our discussion of June 25 on the subject of establishing an Australian embassy in Ukraine. The Ukrainians have problems a-many, but they have a workable (if non-liberal) democracy; compared to Russia, they have a high degree of freedom of speech; and they would welcome a higher level friendship with Australia. Unlike with Russia, friendship with Ukraine would be highly valued by Ukrainians of all political persuasions.

    By the way, one of the things that I did not mention during our discussion was that, despite Chernobyl, Ukraine has a nuclear power industry which will expand rather than contract. Russia is Ukraine’s sole supplier of Uranium. Why couldn’t Australia be a supplier? I am sure that the Ukrainians would jump at the opportunity

    Since our last conversation, and at your suggestion, I have watched the movie “East-West” (in French) and before me on the desk is a new copy of Charles King’s “Odessa: genius and death in a city of dreams.” Meantime, I will put pen to paper with some further reflections on Ukraine and the value of a deeper connection with it.

    Kind regards

    Gary Scarrabelotti
    Aequum Pty Ltd

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