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Bombings in Northern Lebanon

August 25, 2013

August 24, 2013

Australia has joined other UN Security Council members in condemning bomb attacks on mosques in northern Lebanon on August 23, which killed more than 40 people and injured 400.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr said the attacks followed Beirut car bombings on July 9 and August 15 and a rocket attack on May 26.

“The Australian Government again offers condolences to the people of Lebanon for the horrific death and injury toll from these attacks on civilian communities,” Senator Carr said.

“We join with other Security Council members in strongly condemning these attacks.”

Senator Carr said Australians were also warned to reconsider their need to travel to Lebanon and to avoid any travel to southern Beirut where the majority of these recent attacks have occurred. Australians have also been advised not to travel to Tripoli in northern Lebanon, where yesterday’s mosque bombings occurred.

“Australians in Lebanon should monitor local media for information on any incidents or warnings and follow any safety instructions from local authorities,” Senator Carr said.

“They should also register their presence with the Australian Embassy.”

Senator Carr said Australians who was unable to contact friends or family in Lebanon and had concerns for their safety, should contact the Department of Foreign Affairs Consular Centre on 1300 555 135.


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