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Australia’s commitment to international agricultural research makes a difference

May 22, 2013

Foreign Minister Bob Carr today released the Independent Review of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), which confirms the important role the Centre plays in delivering food security and creating opportunities for many of the world’s poorest farmers.

Senator Carr said the review found that Australia’s aid efforts are enhanced by the independent role that ACIAR plays.

“ACIAR is an integral part of the aid program, deploying Australia’s world-leading expertise in agricultural research for the benefit of poor farmers in our region and beyond,” Senator Carr said.

“Agricultural research delivered by ACIAR has demonstrated strong returns.

“The review cites independent economic assessments showing benefits from ACIAR projects valued at $31.9 billion.

“Improving agricultural productivity for the five-hundred million people living in poverty who rely on farming is essential to achieving food security.

“Australia is a world leader in the delivery of research outcomes to help poor farmers in the developing world.

“The work of ACIAR is vital to Australia’s contribution to increasing global food security.”

The review team has also outlined the challenges ahead for ACIAR.

The panel have identified a number of key areas where recommendations have been made to help ACIAR meet these challenges.

Senator Carr said meeting the recommendations of the review demonstrates ACIAR’s commitment to effectiveness of delivery in the aid program.

“ACIAR is developing a new strategic plan that will position ACIAR to further its contribution to Australian aid,” Senator Carr said.

“The review team have said that ACIAR is an institution of which all Australians can be proud. I too share that view.”

The Independent Review of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research is available at

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  1. jack Splatter permalink
    June 2, 2013 7:30 pm

    Maybe you can plead to the moral part of the Israelis to stop destroying Palestinian farmland, orchards and olive groves, that may be a good start in helping conserve agriculture which in these extreme situations is vital to support life in the besieged areas of the occupied Palestine.

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